Upgrade your cooking skills with this culinary butane torch. It has adjustable flame size and intensity and the temperature can reach up to 2500° F for professional level cooking. This torch has an aluminum alloy body and heavy duty piezo ignition for long lasting durability.

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Fire Up Your Kitchen

Elevate any dish to restaurant quality with this handy and versatile tool. The Chefman Culinary Torch can be used for a variety of tasks and hobbies such as baking, jewelry making, crafting, welding, soldering, bartending, camping and much more

Safety First

This unit’s continuous flame switch allows you prolonged use without having to hold down the ignition button. It’s instant igniter, safety lock, stand and non-slip metal body ensures a firm grip so you can safely heat things up in your kitchen!

Adjustable flame size For any cooking task, this culinary torch offers adjustable flame size.
Safety For added safety, this product includes an instant igniter, safety lock and stand. To ensure a firm grip, this product this product's body is non-slip.
Lock switch For prolonged use, this product comes with a lock switch.
Temperature Flame temperature can reach up to 2500° F.
Refillable Refillable tank using standard butane torch. Butane not included.
Durable This unit's body is aluminum alloy for durability.

Elevate Any Dish

The Chefman Culinary Torch can do it all! Cook like a professional chef and elevate any dish to restaurant quality. Great for bruleeing desserts, roasting vegetables, toasting bread, searing meat, and fish, melting cheese, chocolate and more.


Easy Coconut-Ginger Creme Brulee

product info ico 1 hour 10 minutes

This Creme Brulee will blow you and your dinner guests away!

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