The Chefman Grind and Brew Coffee Maker instantly grinds beans and brews fresh coffee in minutes! This unit grinds fresh beans or accepts pre-ground coffee for the freshest cup of joe. This unit also features a permanent coffee filter and one button operation. Yields up to 4 cups of fresh coffee.



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Craft the Perfect Brew from Grind to Pour

The Chefman Grind and Brew offers an integrated coffee grinder that accepts both grounds and beans. With an added 30 minute keep warm feature, you can brew the perfect cup of joe with the freshest ingredients.


With a 4 cup capacity and permanent washable coffee filter, you can quickly grind and brew fresh coffee in minutes. Added auto shut-off feature ensures safety.

Blade grinder For consistently flavorful grounds, this unit has a sharp blade grinder.
Durable Powerful grinder remains sharp for years.
Water level window Easily monitor brewing status with the water level viewing window.
Multiple brew strength settings Customize your coffee with different brew strengths!
Keep warm function Keep your coffee hot with this unit's 30-minute keep warm function.
Accepts pre-ground coffee This unit features a brew setting for pre-ground coffee.

The Perfect Daily Grind

It’s no secret that great coffee stems from fresh ingredients. With the Chefman Grind and Brew, you can grind your coffee just before brewing it, preserving the bean’s oils and flavors up until the very last moment.

Grind and Brew Coffee Maker
MaterialStainless Steel
Wattage120V, 600W (heater) 110 W (grinder)
Unit Weight4.75 lb
Unit Dimensions7" x 11.25" x 8"
Frothing FeatureX
Accepts K-cupsX
Accepts Grounds
Current Product
Froth and Brew Coffee Maker
MaterialStainless Steel
Unit Weight
Unit Dimensions
Frothing Feature
Accepts K-cups
Accepts Grounds
InstaBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity14 oz
Wattage120V, 1000W
Unit Weight1.95 lb
Unit Dimensions4.5" x 13" x 6"
Frothing FeatureX
Accepts K-cups
Accepts Grounds


Mocha Coffee

product info ico 6 minutes
beginner: Beginner

Chocolate and caffeine in one drink… need we say more?

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