The Chefman Sous Vide Circulator makes it easy to create restaurant-quality dishes at home. Its high-quality PTC heating technology keeps water precise temperatures for optimal cooking. As a result, the Sous Vide locks in juices and flavor while preserving the nutritional quality of food.

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Restaurant Quality At Home

Sous Vide is a cooking method in which food is vacuum sealed in plastic, submerged in water, and then gently and slowly cooked at a precise temperature. Protected from the extreme heat of an oven or flame, it results in evenly cooked, perfectly tender beef, pork, chicken, and fish that is irresistibly tender and bursting with flavor.


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This immersion circulator features a 360° directional pump and touch screen LCD display. Built with smart sensors to monitor water level and a flexible clamp to fit most pots and containers. Simply place your food in a food-grade sealed bag, vacuum-sealed or ziplock. Add seasonings or spices like herbs, butter, and garlic. For extra flavor, marinate food in fridge prior to sealing.

PTC heating element High-quality PTC heating element ensures food is cooked to perfection.
360° directional pump For even cooking, this product offers a 360° directional pump to consistently circulate water.
LCD display For added convenience, this product offers a touch screen LCD display.
Smart sensors Built-in smart sensors allow you to easily monitor water level.
Flexible clamp Flexible clamp included so you can use your device with any size pot.
Chefman app This product includes an app available to Apple and Android users including sous vide recipes, tips, guided cooking videos, a cooking calculator, and more.

See for Yourself

Cooking sous vide is dramatically different than using your everyday oven, stovetop, or grill. Gently cooking the food at just the right temperature results in food that is more tender, juicier and evenly cooked edge to edge. Sous vide wins every time.



Lemon Chicken

product info ico 3 hours 5 minutes

When life gives you lemons, make sous vide chicken.

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