AccuGrill Smokeless Indoor Grill with Thermometer Probe

AccuGrill Smokeless Indoor Grill with Thermometer Probe

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Product Description

  • BRING THE BBQ INSIDE! Powerful 1500-watt indoor grill heats faster than outdoor grills for delicious barbecue all year-round.
  • ADVANCED SMOKE ELIMINATOR SYSTEM The combination of a water tray, fan, and lid eliminates practically every bit of smoke.
  • REMOVABLE THERMOMETER PROBE FOR PRECISION COOKING Integrated, removable probe displays the live internal temperature of your food as it cooks.
  • PRESETS FOR PERFECTLY COOKED FOOD Touch display presets for chicken, fish, and meat—including doneness options from rare to well—ensures your food comes out just the way you like.
  • VERSATILE, WIDE TEMP RANGE With heating from 250˚F to 450˚F, you can sear a steak or gently cook vegetables until tender.
  • AUTO-FLIP ALERT FOR GORGEOUS GRILL MARKS The flip light and audio indicator also promote even cooking.
  • LARGE, NONSTICK COOKING SURFACE The 8.5 x 13.5-inch grill plate can cook 6 burgers at one time for family-sized meals.

Grill all year long no matter the weather with the Chefman AccuGrill Smokeless Indoor Grill. Large grill surface cooks your BBQ favorites with virtually no smoke. Included removable integrated cooking probe lets you cook foods to the perfect temperature. Presets for chicken, fish, and meat, plus doneness options, ensures you will never overcook or undercook again.  

•Capacitive-touch digital display

•Optional, integrated cooking thermometer included

•Nonstick grill plate

•Dishwasher-safe parts

•Durable glass lid