Electric Hot Water Pot

Electric Hot Water Pot

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Product Description

  • EASY TO DISPENSE: The Chefman Hot Water Pot has 3 dispense buttons for easy, instant hot water. Use the one-handed dispense button under the spout for filling cups or bottles, the manual push pump or auto dispense on the control panel for quick dispensing.
  • STAYS HOT FOR HOURS: The 700-watt insulated pot keeps water warm throughout the day, so you never have to wait for the kettle to boil, while stainless steel exterior and interior ensure long-lasting performance. With 5.3-liter and 30+ 5.7 oz. cup hot-water capacity, this hot water urn is perfect for parties and entertaining.
  • EASY VIEW WATER LEVEL: Water level gauge for easy viewing so you can see how much water you are filling the pot with, as well as see when it gets below the minimum line. Convenient carry handle lets you bring this water dispenser with you easily.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: For added safety, the water urn shuts itself off once the pot is empty or the water has dried out. Designed with a locking lid to prevent spills if it tips over, as well as a child safety lock for dispense and reboil buttons to prevents spilling and accidental pouring.
  • Model Number: RJ16-LOCK-SERIES


Pump hot water in an instant with an insulated pot

Large 5.3-L capacity
Stainless steel interior and exterior
Convenient carry handle
Safety lock for manual pump
360° turnbase for easy access
Dispense button and manual push pump
Additional dispense button located under spout
Water level guage for easy viewing
Boil-dry protection
Creamy Cinnamon Coffee

A sweet and delicious morning drink you’ll love!

Chefman Instant Electric Thermal Hot Water Pot makes it easy to quickly and safely boil and dispense hot water. With auto & manual dispense buttons, this is your go-to for business meetings, catering events, hosting holidays, or simply satisfying your craving for caffeine right at home. The Hot Water Pot keeps water at high heat throughout the day, so you can skip waiting for the kettle to boil. Plus, the extra-large 5.3-Liter capacity and transparent water level gauge for easy viewing allow this hot pot to provide maximum efficiency for every single hot water need. Enjoy your perfect cup of tea, instant or pour over coffee, French press, hot cocoa, instant soup, noodles, baby food, oatmeal, and more. You can even use the hot water to whip up a trendy Dalgona coffee, just add instant coffee and sugar! The exceptionally versatile water boiler can be used throughout the day for various applications – from breakfast, to dinner, and a sweet treat for dessert. The pot's fold-down carrying handle makes it effortless to transport from the sink for filling to the buffet table or kitchen counter when entertaining guests. The convenient carry handle and rotating base make it perfect for parties and more – one less detail to worry about. The thoughtfully designed hot pot has two dispense button for easy, instant hot water. The built-in spout pours steaming water with a gentle press of the auto button, as well as the easy-to-dispense manual button. Once your mug, bowl, or pot has been completely filled, simply release the button to stop the flow of water. For added safety, the we’ve designed a unique locking lid to prevent spills, a locking dispenser that prevents unintended pouring, and automatic shut-off when water levels get too low.